I'm a PhD Candidate in Computer Systems Engineering at the moment, investigating embedded vision and surveillance. This blog is where I write the things that don't fit on Twitter, which tends to end up with a political bent. I am also involved with the Auckland University Robotics Association (which I founded in 2011) and UN Youth New Zealand rather heavily. My personal website that has a bit more of a CV on it is at andrewchen.nz. Sometimes my friends help write some things and I don't want to take credit for their writing though.

I have been dubbed a "case-by-case centrist" which fits my views rather well, as I am more policy-driven than ideology-driven. In general though it seems to work out to be fiscally conservative and socially liberal, although recently I have been called "a left-wing shill" so take that as you will. I do not have a politics degree, have never taken any politics papers, and in general am untrained in the world of politics, although I'm constantly learning and finding out more about politics in New Zealand. I am not a member of any political party and have no other political affiliations.

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