A Policy A Day 2014

In the lead-up to the election, we are going to examine one policy per (working) day. We've selected policies to be as balanced as possible across a range of policy areas and across the political parties. The idea is to explain the background, analyse the policy to investigate the pros and cons, and give a verdict on the policy at the end. Inevitably, some opinion will make its way in and we make no apology for that - after all, we're voters too. Also, I say 'we' because this series will feature some guest posts from other young people, to share their thoughts and ideas as well. Enjoy!

Monday 18 August: Variable Savings Rates
Tuesday 19 August: Free Tertiary Education
Wednesday 20 August: Binding Referenda
Thursday 21 August: Internet Rights and Freedoms
Friday 22 August: Microfinance Loan Scheme
Monday 25 August: Variable Superannuation (by Jason Armishaw)
Tuesday 26 August: Disestablish the IPCA (by Gayathiri Ganeshan)
Wednesday 27 August: Compulsory Te Reo Maori (by Charlotte Austin)
Thursday 28 August: Food in Schools (by Maanya Tandon)
Friday 29 August: Ban All Satire
Monday 1 September: $20k Tax-free Income and 25% Flat Tax
Tuesday 2 September: NZ Broadcasting
Wednesday 3 September: Universal Basic Income (by Thomas Vautier)
Thursday 4 September: Solar Panel Scheme
Friday 5 September: Healthcare Co-payments (by Taylor Mitchell)
Monday 8 September: Abolish GST
Tuesday 9 September: Abolish Maori Electorate Seats (by Rosie Polaschek)
Wednesday 10 September: Free GP Visits
Thursday 11 September: Cleaning Our Rivers (by Gina Yukich)
Friday 12 September: Castle Doctrine (by Bhenjamin Goodsir)
Monday 15 September: Capping School Donations (by Simon Johnson)
Tuesday 16 September: Carbon Tax
Wednesday 17 September: Targeting Gangs (by Camille Wrightson)
Thursday 18 September: MMP Reform (by Pasan Jayasinghe)
Fridau 19 September: Wrap-up

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