A Policy A Day 2017

In the lead-up to the election, we are going to examine one policy per day. We've got a big group of young writers on board to help analyse either a policy that has already been proposed by a political party (or parties), or the propose a policy on a topic that should be talked about more. The idea is to explain the background, analyse the policy to investigate the pros and cons, and give a verdict on the policy at the end. We're covering a really diverse range of policy areas and views. Opinion may form a strong part of the writing this time, and we make no apology for that - after all, we're voters too! Enjoy!

All articles will also be cross-posted to Medium and The Co-Op, just in case you prefer those formats instead. A couple might appear in other places too!

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Mon 21 Aug: An Introduction 
          + Freshwater Pricing
Tue 22 Aug: Fiscal Drag
Wed 23 Aug: Humanising Criminal Justice
Thu 24 Aug: Immigration: A Personal Retrospective
Fri 25 Aug: Trans Rights
Sat 26 Aug: Degrowth for Aotearoa
Sun 27 Aug: Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Mon 28 Aug: A Vision for the Arts
Tue 29 Aug: Tertiary Education Pathways
Wed 30 Aug: New Zealand's Role in Asia
Thu 31 Aug: America's Cup Broadcasting
Fri 01 Sep: Temporary Migration and Integration
          + An Alternative Model for Policy Making

Sat 02 Sep: Treaty Education in Schools
Sun 03 Sep: Teach First
Mon 04 Sep: Urban Development Authorities
Tue 05 Sep: Universal Basic Income
Wed 06 Sep: Incarceration and Privatisation
Thu 07 Sep: Funding Sanitary Products
Fri 08 Sep: Sickness and Disability Benefits
          + Infrastructure
Sat 09 Sep: Software Patents
Sun 10 Sep: Relationship Testing for Benefits
Mon 11 Sep: Youth Sexuality Education
Tue 12 Sep: Gender and Ethnicity Income Equity
Wed 13 Sep: Pasifika Advancement
Thu 14 Sep: Informed Consent in Healthcare
Fri 15 Sep: Addressing Homelessness
          + [REDACTED]

Sat 16 Sep: Inclusive Education
Sun 17 Sep: Mental Healthcare
Mon 18 Sep: Public Transport Incentives
Tue 19 Sep: A Fiscal Apocalypse - Superannuation
Wed 20 Sep: Public Service Reform
Thu 21 Sep: Life Skills
Fri 22 Sep: A Conclusion
Sat 23 Sep: Election Day

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