Friday 18 October 2019

A couple of tweet threads from the last 12 months

Mostly so that I don't lose these in case I need to come back and find them again:

NZH covers the increasing number of CCTV cameras in NZ:

The time I attended a workshop on regulating facial recognition technologies in New Zealand, hosted by VUW:

The time I went to NetHui and attended sessions about:
- AI and Ethics:
- Digital Inclusion:
- Forming a Disinformation Response Plan:
- Freedom of Expression:
- Blockchain:
- Environmental Impacts of the Internet:

Updates to the NZ Political Polling Visualisation:

Auckland Transport increasing their CCTV presence and being on RNZ: and

Figuring out where this package from the UK was supposed to go to instead of my house:

Reacting to Kinley Salmon's Jobs, Robots, and Us

At a Techweek debate about AI and impacts on society:

The Harmful Digital Communications Act:

Why don't we track hate crimes in NZ? A subset of thoughts after Christchurch:

Some people protesting the UN Migration Compact:

Engineering academics don't care about me caring about privacy:

Computer vision technologies and applications presented at AVSS18:

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