Wednesday 1 January 2014


This is a revival of an old blog of the same name from 2010, which died a quiet and unseen death in the wake of University, extra-cirricular commitments, and a lack of readership. However, 2014 is an election year in New Zealand, and hence it is a good time to start blogging again! Generally, this will be a place where I post when I have thoughts that don't fit into the 140 character limit of Twitter or the three line attention span of Facebook. Here I will leave mostly posts about NZ politics with a smattering of statistics, technology/engineering, and various other interests. I will avoid filling this blog with just pictures of cats, since I already do that on Twitter and that should be what Tumblr is for. There will also be the occasional humour, since a completely serious blog would be a little too dry for my taste.

Political Background: My views bounce from left to right on a regular basis, but in general are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I do not have a politics degree, I have never taken any politics papers, and in general am untrained in the world of politics. I am not the member of any political party, although I am apparently on the mailing list for Act on Campus having registered to support a friend back in 2010. I should get round to unsubscribing from that at some point.

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